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Ben: We slept beautifully in our small, now cat-free territory. It seemed that Bree had made her statement against our crazy white friend. The same could not be said for Bree, however. The night brought a pretty stiff wind which gusted all night, flexing the timid frame of our tent and rattling the fly with a vengeance. That said, Bree was 0 for 2 nights on the sleeping front.

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The day brought a quick drive up to Monteverde National Park where we trucked again through the cloud forest, still amazed at how many layers of life can exist in a single square foot of real estate.

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At the entrance to the park was a single pair of hummingbird feeders which attracted dozens of vibrant birds from the woods. They darted around, fighting for space in the feeder and good perches on nearby branches.

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I have to say that the trees here are awesome. They have really good shape and the exposed roots of the ficus are prolific, not to mention the fact that they are huge. I’m not talking sequoias or anything, but the sheer walls that a single root can create is mind-bending.

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As we trekked along, me gawking at every tree and trying in vain to capture them, we ran into a group of people surrounding a spotting scope with a remarkable amount of enthusiasm that seemed a bit much for a typical bird sighting. After adding ourselves to the mass of bystanders, we learned that the local guide had spotted a sloth – a seriously remarkable feat. Even when he pointed to it sleeping idly in the tree we still couldn’t see it – not until we looked through the spotting scope were we convinced that it was actually there. It was pretty incredible though.


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We then ate what I consider an ok lunch at the Super Pollo across the street while we discussed the plans for the rest of the day. I had been wrestling with the idea of doing a zipline while we are here and after some prodding from Bree finally settled on a company. Imagine my surprise when I learned that a zipline tour actually has more than one zipline! Our particular outfit had 13 plus a tarzan swing. That, gentle reader, is good value.

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The zipline was pretty awesome. Not a rush of adrenaline as the brochures try to claim, but that wasn’t what we expected so no disappointment there. Instead, it was good clean fun with ropes, scenery, and some pretty high speeds. We met some Mexican friends (one of which lived for two summers in Provo and Kamas of all places). It was interesting to hear their take on travel in Costa Rica and life in the United States.

Post zipline we were pretty beat, and given Bree’s track record we decided to sleep indoors. The wind had picked up pretty considerably and we both knew she wouldn’t get any sleep in the tent. The room was fine – old and crumbling but clean with corrugated metal roofing and a hot shower (a rare thing here)!

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We fell asleep amidst the wind rumbling through the building, glad to be indoors.

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