A Quiet Day On the Coast

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Feeling majorly better this morning, we packed up early to get on the road.  Our tent neighbors who had largely ignored us for the past two days finally got curious enough to come ask about our bikes and where on earth we were going with them.  They were from Holland, on holiday in Italy for the week.  It was fun to meet them and hear about the cycle paths in Holland, although they claimed that Holland isn’t nearly as beautiful as Italy.

We headed out of Ameglia into a tailwind, which I think may be the first tailwind we’ve seen all trip!  We cruised along the coast for a couple of hours with nothing really to see except a lot of unimpressive beach resorts and lots of other friendly cyclists out for their Saturday morning ride.  A nice bike and walking trail ran a good portion of our ride today and it was nice to have very little traffic to deal with.

We stopped around 10:00 at an open market to pick up some bread and cheese and had fun wandering around looking at all the interesting displays.  The market today seemed to be primarily garden themed and we saw tiny kumquat trees that I would have loved to have taken home.  Maybe we can track one down when we get back to Utah.

For whatever reason, Ben wasn’t loving the market so we jumped back on the road and headed a few more miles before realizing we had covered everything we set out to cover for the day before the morning was even out.  We tossed around some longer routes, but ultimately decided to go see if we could get some more groceries, find a camp, and explore the pier.

We made camp in record time and headed down to the water just in time to see the fishermen coming in with their catch for the day.  We watched them cleaning their nets and setting out their days work to be sold.  The whole port felt lively and the cloudy weather cleared up nicely for our visit.

As we walked around, we stopped to photograph a cool old, blue boat when we noticed an enormous rat running around inside of it!  Ben managed to snap its photo just as it ran away.  I seriously swear everything in Italy grows bigger than it does at home.  The mosquitoes here are enormous blood sucking monsters and they make anything we have back in West Bountiful look like a minor annoyance by comparison.  The pigeons, the spiders…everything just grows here!

Ben once told me that when he was a child, he used to incessantly ask questions all the time.  It seems that arriving in a foreign country has brought back a fair bit of his childhood curiosity because as we ride and walk around all day, he comes up with so many questions!  He wants to know if Italians eat foccacia in place of regular bread or if it is just a breakfast food and whether there are more Northern African refugees in the south of Italy than in the north and whether taking pills that make you drowsy feels like being drunk.   It wouldn’t be so funny except that I’ve never been to Italy either, and he’s definitely smarter than I am in the first place.  I think I’ve failed to come up with a single good answer so far.  I’m just interested to know what makes him think of all this stuff!

On our way back to camp, we stopped for groceries and snagged another whole container of gelato.  This time: berries and white chocolate.  The package says the stuff is made in Rome, so we figured it must be pretty authentic.  We managed to get it back to camp before had  time to get too soft and once again we downed the whole thing in one sitting.  Although we’ve not had any trouble finding food while we’ve been here, we must be burning an enormous number of calories because I constantly feel like I could eat absolutely everything in sight.  We go through entire loaves of bread, whole cartons of ice cream, and huge amounts of fruit and cheese without hardly batting an eye.  We never eat anywhere near this much at home!

We’ve been talking a lot about our most and least favorite things about our trip so far and Ben has finally found his least favorite.  His allergies have been TERRIBLE since we have been here in Italy.   He always has the sniffles and for the first time in his life I think he finally believes that allergies are not just a figment of people’s imaginations.  It is so sad to watch him be so miserable, and we are always shaking our our bedding and tent trying to get all of the cotton out.  I finally convinced him to take a benadryl tonight and at the late hour of 8:00 he’s already fallen asleep before the sun has even finished setting.

As for me, one of the best things about our trip is all the time we’ve been spending with our tent.  I love having my own bedding to get into every night and I love the camaraderie and the people we meet in our campgrounds every day.  It is so fun to have a nice piece of grass to stretch out on every night while we eat our dinner and I love waking up to the sun rising every morning.


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Ben – I have always thought allergies are figments of imagination too… But I’ve had them horribly this year and might have succumb just like you. Thanks for being an inspiration! Haha
    Bree – glad to hear you are better!

    • Ben says:

      I’m pretty sure that allergies in general may still be a figment of imagination. Allergies to cotton, however, are an exception. They are very, very real.

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