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Before we’ve been gone too long, I just wanted to put out a widespread “thank you” to our friends and family at home who helped us get out on the road. With a lead time of three weeks, we were admittedly pressed for time as we pulled our trip together. Beyond that, injury and the general unknowns of life on the road had me worked into a nervous frenzy.

While I was busy worrying late into the night, my last week at home was crammed to the brim with calls, texts,  lunches, drop in visits, and even a Skype date with my favorite people, filling my cup and leaving me with a blanket of reassurance to cling to on tough days on the road. Kim brought us treats, my parents delivered dinner, Miara spent half the day taping boxes with me and she and Colton woke up super early on a Saturday to drive us to the airport. These items don’t even begin to cover it.

So many people called and sent and messages checking in, wishing us well, and, upon hearing how completely overwhelmed I was feeling, offering to drop everything and help in any way possible. I feel so lucky to have such an incredible bunch of people to come home to in August.

Thank you all for loving us so well.


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