About Us

08.09_Lofoten-362Ben and I were married in 2008 where we rode away from our wedding on a tandem bicycle. Since then, we’ve been on our bikes at every given opportunity. When we aren’t riding, we’ve been on a number of various adventures and a handful of misadventures, which is how my brother came to name us, “the couple that does things.”

This blog started in an attempt to stay in touch with with our families as we traveled. Since then, its evolved into something else entirely. This space now chronicles our journey together, memories bottled up and saved for a rainy day.

About Ben

By trade, Ben is a computer engineer for HireVue. At home, he loves being outside in the garden or working on almost any sort of project-the messier the better. As we travel, Ben is always looking to encounter wildlife or at least a good adrenaline rush. As a college student, Ben joined the USU cycling team where he became totally addicted to riding a bike. He has completed LoToJa three times and hopes to become an Ironman one day.

About Bree

Professionally, I work in online marketing and teach college composition. I fell in love with riding a bike shortly before falling in love with Ben and the rest is history.  Adventuring together was somewhat of an acquired taste for me, but these days I love any opportunity I have to be outside, to push myself, to conquer something new.

We took our first ever bike tour through Europe in the summer of 2011 and motorcycled through Vietnam in 2012. In 2013 we headed on our second bike tour, making our way from Athens to Helsinki. January 2014, we visited the National Parks of Costa Rica by foot and car. In addition to traveling abroad, we’re lucky enough to live within a half day’s drive to a half dozen national parks and most weekends find us exploring on bike, foot, or skis near our hometown just north of Salt Lake City.