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From Mesa Verde, we headed north arriving in Moab four hours later. We knew we didn’t have time to do Arches National ┬áPark justice, but we did need to stretch our legs, so we turned into the crowded park for my first experience with the natural formations found within.

With only time for one hike, we pinpointed the most famous landmark around, parked, and set off toward Delicate Arch, moving as fast as possible. We weren’t carrying water and weren’t really dressed for the heat, so I was glad for the cloud cover as we jogged toward the arch.

Forty five minutes later, we’d arrived at the iconic natural bridge with wind so strong it was blowing people’s hats away. No matter how jaded from traveling I get, natural wonders such as these never fail to blow my mind. How did those rocks end up standing like that in the middle of a slickrock bowl? No scientific explanation will ever undo the wonder I find amid such beautiful monuments.

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