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We weren’t loving our campground or location on the south side of the High Tatras, so as morning broke we packed all of our stuff and headed out around the mountain to a small town nestled cozily at the foot of the mountains.  While at Hostel Mostel in Valiko Tarnovo we were tipped off to another hostel with rave reviews called Ginger Monkey – and though we weren’t allowed to pitch our tent in their garden it was inexpensive enough that we decided to stay anyway.

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The hostel is nice enough (though nothing as cool as Hostel Mostel) – it has a great location with awesome views of the mountains and a church.  It also had animals that you can play with or take for walks in the meadow – two dogs (Wally and Django) and Kevin, the cat.  Wally is probably one of the greatest dogs I have ever met.  He is perky, though not barky, and loves to curl up and lay at your feet.  Even Bree says that she could have a dog like Wally.


We spent the day hanging out (i.e. working and route planning – this trip is so much work) before setting out for dinner from the Goulash Man. You have to go down the stairs and knock on the window. Then, you sit and wait pretty much forever until your soup and bread is ready.  The whole town moves at a really slow pace compared to the ski towns across the mountain.  One thing we have had to (re)learn on this trip is that there is no such thing as grabbing dinner.  If you go out, you will be patient.

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Our evening stroll rewarded us with a few good shots – but really we just spent the time talking about the next phase of our trip . Three months really wasn’t long enough to do what we set out to do.  Since time is running a little thin and we don’t want to skimp on Scandinavia, we have decided to fly from Krakow, Poland to Norway where we will begin phase two of our tour.  The logistics of this and deciding how to plan our route in Norway has left us completely overwhelmed due to the prevalence of 3000 foot climbs and the world’s longest tunnels (bikes not usually allowed).  We have a few days to sort it all out, though.

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  1. Joey, the VERY best dog ever says:

    Surely Wally isn’t more wonderful than me?!?! I always sit at your feet, especially when you’re eating dinner! Breeanne, you know you love me!

  2. Kirk says:

    Hey guys its me again, your addicted to cycling friend. Your photography is incredible. As I read your last post and saw Poland looming in the distance (map). I was very curious how you were going to get across the country and still have time for the Nordic countries. I guess the plane ride answered that question. I cant wait for you to see life in the North. (Boats at last!)

    Watch out for trolls!

  3. Emily Martin says:

    I am expecting pictures of this “wonder dog” Wally!

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