Autumn Camping

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After my own birthday self-indulgence, Colton and Miara were brave enough to consent to camp with us again for their birthdays in October. Destination: Yellowstone.

Last year, we camped over the same weekend in Teton National Park with beautiful weather, so I hadn’t even considered how cold it might get. As we headed north,we were all feeling a bit tentative, because the overnight low was predicted at 3*. We packed the canvas tent and extra sleeping bags and hoped for the best!

As it turned out, it was really, really cold, but double bagged in the tent, we all slept nice and warm. Morning however, was pretty uncomfortable.

The upside, was that with the frigid temperatures came the most incredible frost that laced the landscape. We kicked the heat on in the car and drove around, soaking up the beauty.



Finally, the afternoon sun came out, and we headed out on a hike. We were hoping to meet a bear along the way and were a bit disappointed, but the views were worthwhile all the same.

That evening, we huddled in tight around the campfire laughing and eating until the promise of warm sleeping bags drew us back up the hill to our tent.

Before we headed home, we couldn’t resist one last hike to see if we could spot a bear.

The hike came up a bit short, but on our way out of town, this guy was hanging out right along side the road.

Quick trip, but we had a great time. Happy birthday you two!


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