Beaches and Rivers

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The next morning we decided some time at the beach was in order. We were completely unprepared for how beautiful the beaches in Olympic National Park are. Shoes off, we spent the entire morning walking the beach, looking for star fish, and running and jumping like kids in the sand.


After spending the morning beachside, we hopped in the car and began our journey home via Portland.En route, we stopped at a truly all-American diner for some fish and chips at one of the run down port towns along the way. We might have been the only out of town visitors that diner has ever seen and our short stop left us all smiles.


As we neared Portland, we were thrilled to discover Multnomah falls literally along the side of the highway making for a quick waterfall break before we hit our campsite.




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  1. Miara says:

    Dear Bree, I can’t believe you can still do the splits. Love, Miara

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