Bear Hollow Lakes

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I don’t know how we forgot to post about it, but way back in September, a huge group of my close and extended family gathered in Garland, Utah for a lakeside family reunion. The place is set on a private ski lake, complete with a waterski course, ski boat, and a plethora of kayaks and paddle boards. The place is gorgeous and completely thought out right down to the tiniest detail.

BearHollowLakes-033 BearHollowLakes-011

We ate, skied, paddled, ate, and skied some more. We also learned that on the whole, we’re pretty mediocre skiers, missing nearly every buoy, but we had a really lovely time.

BearHollowLakes-022 BearHollowLakes-066

Late Sunday afternoon, from our perch in the hot tub we spotted a gorgeous bald eagle soar by. We scurried down the lake shore, chlorine puddling beneath us just in time to watch him scoop a fish from the lake. He returned again and again, all afternoon, swooping down to secure an afternoon meal.

Eagle-007 Eagle-003-2


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