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This week marks our trial run of Bountiful Baskets. Bountiful Baskets is essentially a produce co-op. You opt in, and for $15 you get quite literally a basket full of produce. On the appointed day and time, you load all of the produce into your own basket, or in our case, tupperware, and then spend the next week trying to figure out what to do with 3 heads of cabbage and several chayotes.
Anyway, given the current price of green peppers, it turned out to be a pretty good deal.


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  1. Faye Crowther says:

    I so enjoyed meeting you both in the Photo class. I love Bountiful Baskets. My daughters and I order them frequently.
    I also love your blog. Love the look of it, love the feel of it, and I am really enjoying the reading. Inspirational! Keep up the good work!

    • Breeanne says:

      Hi Faye,

      Thanks for the note! It was so fun to get to meet some new people at the photo class and Kelly is great! I don’t know if you blog or keep a log of your pictures somewhere, but I’d love to hear about your Little Red ride. I would love to ride it next year!

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