Cache Valley Century 2010

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All summer, I’ve basically had one goal: to ride 100 miles on my bike in the Cache Valley Century.  I was kind of nervous about the whole thing, especially after seeing how wrung out my dad and Ben were from the same ride last year, but we’d been riding quite a bit all summer so I figured I at least had a shot at it.

Ben surprised me the morning of the ride with a shiny new helmet that he’d managed to sneak up to Logan to wish me good luck.  With all the effort he’d gone to, I knew I really had to finish!



This is us at mile 50, while the weather was still looking good.

Pretty soon we were outrunning that nasty storm you can see in the background.  We never got rained on, but it did provide us with the nastiest headwind I’ve ever seen.  It took us almost a whole hour of fighting the wind at barely 9 miles an hour before we got to turn around and ride with the wind.  We cruised the rest of the way in to the finish.

Despite all of my concern, I felt good for the entire thing and never hit the wall I kept expecting.   Summer goal accomplished.


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