Camping in Santa Rosa National Park

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Some tips for visiting Santa Rosa National Park:

Do: Drive down to the beach even though the route in no way resembles a road.

Drive a 4×4. No exceptions. This was easily the worst road we have ever encountered anywhere in the world and we visited during dry season.

Hold your breath every time you go over a boulder field and try not to freak every time the car thumps against the rocks.

Start well before it gets dark. Really. It takes almost an hour to go 12 kilometers.

Plan to camp for a day or two. You’ll want to stay a while.

Bring all your food and an animal proof way to store it.

Pack a headlamp. It gets dark early.

Watch the shooting stars drip across the crowded night sky from the powdery white sand.

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Do Not: For any reason, give up on the tent and sleep in your car. You will be up all night as you roast in your human powered car oven without any fresh air to keep you cool.

It will not help to crack the window to let in the cool breeze unless you also love being devoured by hungry mosquitos.

When the mosquitos and the heat eventually drive you out of your car-turned tent, do not decide to take your first beach hike in the dark when you are unlikely to see the signs warning you about crocodiles in the lagoon.

Do not head out and wander around said lagoon with your red headlamp, nervous with every splash of the jumping schools of fish, ignorant of the man eating monsters lurking nearby.

Do: Turn on the air blower to pull outside air into the hot car every 2 or 3 hours to keep the temperatures down.

Take a minute to soak in the vast expanse of nature in the park. Stars, sand, surf, and an eccentric collection of creatures should be enough to take your breath away.

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