Circle of Life

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This week has had a sort of “circle of life” flavor” in which we celebrated a loss and a new union all in the same week. On Thursday night, Ben’s little sister married her darling husband Chad.

untitled shoot-001-9 untitled shoot-003-7

We arrived at the reception center late in the afternoon all feeling a little bit out of energy from such full few days.

untitled shoot-010-4

I wish I had more photos from the brides room where the whole lot of us were strewn about on couches and chairs trying to snag a quick nap. It had been a pretty long week.

untitled shoot-006-9 untitled shoot-009-6

Then there was a whole lot of primping.

untitled shoot-012-7 untitled shoot-043-5

And some photo ops.

untitled shoot-042-4    untitled shoot-048-4

Megan was (and is!) beautiful and we’re thrilled for their new life together. (Why on earth don’t I have a photo of both of them is beyond me). We love you guys!


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