An Update: Comforts of Home

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Although we’ve been resentful of spending so much time so close to home, I can’t deny that there is plenty of benefits being local. Although we lack new landscapes to capture on camera, a brief check through my memory card reminds me how much good stuff has been going on, right here in Utah.

While we suffered through the smoggiest, snowiest winter I can remember, we stayed busy working inside the house. One of our endeavors was to deal with the strange TV cubby above our fireplace clearly intended for an old style of television. Since we don’t have a TV anyway, we decided it was time to dress up the space. I cursed profusely while I built the mantel and the tile work was a messy endeavor made even more miserable by persistent hip pain, but I’m thrilled with how it turned out.


Normally, our spring travel plans preclude our attendance at our siblings spring performances, but this year we got to attend and photograph Caroline’s debut as Alice in Alice in Wonderland. Not only is she talented and beautiful, she’s smart too. I can’t wait to see where life takes her.


More recently, I’ve been privileged to shoot some portraits for friends and family, something that I don’t normally do. We spent a frigid afternoon in April shooting a session with my brother’s bride to be. Despite the icy wind and the absolutely miserable temperatures, Miara looked stunning and never complained. I can’t even put words to how thrilled I am for Colton and for all of us to be welcoming such an incredible person into our family.




Last week, I was also lucky enough to spend the morning capturing the beautiful, tiny features of my dear friend’s beautiful newborn. I’ve never spent much time with such a new baby. I was nervous but she won me right over. My excitement for Meg and Anthony and their new arrival has been cheering me for days.


We also got to hang out with Allie for a final week while her parents were out of town.  Allie heads off to college in June- we are sure going to miss her!  This picture of Ben and Allie making cookies makes me smile ever time I look at it. I don’t know very many guys who have such a knack for baking cookies or that look nearly so good in a frilly apron. I’m a lucky girl.

This winter was an awful one, but we sure did have some high points. Sitting on the cusp of heading off again for the summer, I’m feeling lucky for all the good that has surrounded us this year.



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