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We’d been busy with our scooter yesterday, unfortunately leaving us a pile of work undone that needed to be tackled today. We got up early and drove to the store for groceries before returning our ride and getting to work. The shopping trip was completely unremarkable except for the tiny kitten running from aisle to aisle, attracting no more than an uninterested nod from store workers. The cat situation around this place is so odd.


Skiathos_05.27-030 Skiathos_05.27-002

Later in the afternoon, we headed down to the beach, intending to tackle another open water workout, but the day was much cooler and the water rough. We waded instead and then sat on the beach and chatted about life here and at home.

Between our studio and the water lies a home that seems to be taking good care of their herd of community cats, and there are a lot of them! These guys are a regular circus of adorable antics, one with a particular penchant for human attention. We stood by, both going and coming, laughing and photographing them. One had a tragically endearing case of the sniffles that both broke our hearts and made us laugh.

Skiathos_05.27-004  Skiathos_05.27-006 Skiathos_05.27-007 Skiathos_05.27-010 Skiathos_05.27-027


Darling though they may be, I was also glad to note many of them had clipped ears, indicating they’d been fixed, hopefully reducing the community cat situation over time. I honestly think there might be more cats here than people and left unchecked the situation could quickly get out of hand. We were happy to find a charity on the island that is actively helping manage the problem and care for such a burdensome feline population (

Skiathos_05.27-014  Skiathos_05.27-019 Skiathos_05.27-022 Skiathos_05.27-024

With hours of work logged today, tomorrow, we prepare to head to Skopelos!




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  1. Debbie says:

    Which do you love most? The azure bliss or the cats?

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