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Well Bree dragged me along to an aerial dance class.  During finals week.  Well, she didn’t drag me but more casually invited me to go.  Being the devoted husband that I am, I tagged along.  I got there about 20 minutes before Bree and Megan Barrick, so a little uncomfortable?  Yes.  It turns out though that aerial dance is really meant for crusty, middle-aged Glover-esque kind of men.  Regardless, I was not the only man, but one of about half of the class’s worth.  I thought I was going to be doing it for Bree, but it turned out to be totally awesome.  I am now signed up





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  1. breeanne says:

    Hey. I didn’t MAKE you go anywhere. I gave you no less than three chances to bail out. There was no way I was going to make you go to some class that I was going to have to hear about for the next 25 years! But seriously, thanks for coming.

    I love you!

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