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Finally, a rest day.  A REAL rest day.  We didn’t pedal anywhere except into town (3 times because we are disorganized).  I noticed my sore legs from hiking before I even crawled out of my sleeping bag and instantly felt glad to be staying put one more day. Plus, we had some pressing things to take care of.

First, we needed an adapter that would allow us to tap into the electricity at each of the campsites.  Until now, we’ve been at the mercy of someone lending us the adapter and it has been awful.  We had looked at every store and pharmacy we’ve passed with no luck, so this morning we set out rolling around town for anywhere that looked like it sold camping supplies.  Finally, on about the 12th store we tried – a hardware store –  we found success!  We were elated.  No more electricity shortages!

Next, we were on a quest for the internet.  We quickly located the Salty Dog, a cafe in town with both an outlet and a wifi connection.  We snagged a pastry and some of the most amazing hot chocolate ever, and sat down to get caught up with journaling and responding to emails.

We got the blog updated and the comments responded to.  Thanks for all the love, it was so nice to hear from everyone.  I feel an awefully LONG way from home and it was good to know our family hasn’t forgotten about us!

Then, I looked up wild boars and proceeded to totally stress myself out looking at all the wild animals that are native through Europe.  Ben and I have only ever “free camped” twice and the first time we spent two nights with coyotes outside our tent in the San Rafael Swell, and the second with wild boars in the hills of Italy.  I guess you could say our track record isn’t that impressive, hence my reluctance to continue anywhere remote enough to require a free camp.  I feel like such a wimp on this trip, but seriously!

We also did a little more route planning done, a few other online “errands” taken care of and also got word that Ben got accepted to Purdue’s distance program!  (He’s also been accepted to a couple of others, so that leaves yet another decision to be made.)

All done connecting, we figured it was time to negotiate our stove once and for all.  Equipped with the user manual that Ben downloaded, we got the correct jet attached and with a bit of flame fanfare (according to the manual, a fireball approximately the size of a soccer ball is normal), the stove was running.  Good thing the campground was all emptied out for the afternoon…  We cooked some cheesy potatoes for lunch and were pretty successful.  Maybe I can actually cook on this trip after all!

Once we’d eaten, we headed down to the waterfront to idle away the afternoon where Ben sat with his eyes pretty much pinched shut, moaning about how bright it was outside.  He wouldn’t budge from his spot for pretty much anything, especially not to take any pictures.   For someone who is tough a nails on a bicycle, he can sure be sensitive about his eyes!

As we sat, we mulled over graduate school and our careers and then moved to a shadier spot in the park to watch the kids ride their bikes round and round.  It wan’t a very eventful afternoon, but it was certainly well needed.

We finally decided we could use another round of the decadent hot chocolate and a bit more internet, so we headed back to the cafe for another bit where I got to briefly chat with my dad and we looked for a few more resources on our upcoming locations.  Then, back to the campsite for some dinner, and preparation for tomorrow’s ride through La Spezia toward Tuscany.

I’m already getting nervous to be back on the road again, but I’m also excited to see what the next few days have in store for us.  With rested legs, I am excited to be pedaling once again!


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  1. Aunt Pam says:

    Ben and Bree:

    I can’t believe you guys, you are so amazing. I saw your blog info on Facebook and have been following it. It looks like a wonderful trip and I’m sure the memories you will have will be worth all the pain and hard work:)

    Be careful (I worry about you everytime I read a post) and keep up the good work!!!!

    Aunt Pam

    • Breeanne says:

      Hi Aunt Pam,

      Welcome to the blog! Sometimes I can’t believe all the crazy things that happen to us out here every day, but so far we have been safe and happy. I hope you guys are going well, we love you!

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