Declaration of Independence

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The declaration of independence is currently on a 15 city tour.  The past two days its stop was at the newly opened State Capitol.  My mom, being a teacher of American History, decided it would be fun to go see it.  That being said, our entire family – Rob and Megan included – made the journey to see this phenomenal document.  There were two options for seeing the Declaration of Independence…the quick and dirty way – to walk to the balcony and view it from a floor above – or to wait.  Surprisingly enough (yes that is sarcasm), my dad, Megan, Rob, and Caroline did not want to wait.  They viewed the Declaration the quick and dirty way.  My mother, Emily, and I, however, took the painful way.  We waited in line.

We were informed that the wait would be 2 to 3 hours.  While this ended up being a severe underestimation (we totaled at about 4 and a half), I figured, if I don’t see it now, when will I?  The correct is answer is possibly never.  So it was worth the wait.  I will say this.  4.5 hours is a long time to wait in a stupid line.  What do you do in a 4.5 hour line?  Not much.  You make up games to play with your kid sister.  Like who can stand on one foot the longest.  Emily isn’t a Yogi, either, but hey…we got a good workout.



The whole organization of the event was interesting.  Cricket appeared to sponsor it, so they had people staffing and advertising and selling things throughout the whole ordeal.  The work on the capitol though, is absolutely phenomenal.  It is probably the single most attractive building (on the inside) that I have ever seen.




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