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We headed to Denver this weekend to pick up Ben’s new car.   (Well, new to us).  Poor Ben has been driving to work in the Celica with no AC all summer.

We were also excited to get to take our new Nikon SLR along with us so we can start getting it figured out.

But first, we had family pictures in Albion Basin.   This one came off our camera while we were waiting for the photographer.

Then, after a serious crisis (Ben forgetting his wallet and having to go all the way home for it) we boarded the plane to Denver.

We spent our evening at the Denver Aquarium, testing out the camera and being impressed by all the cool fish they had.

Extra points because they had tigers.  At the aquarium.

We made a stop on our way home to the University of Denver so that Ben could visit where he took classes as a teenager.

The next morning we hit church, and then drove home.  We took I-70 to improve the scenic quality of our drive.

Hitting the road.

Ben, with the new car.


Looking for mountain goats…

And the drive turned out to be every bit as beautiful as we’d hoped.

Whew.  What a weekend.



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  1. Marc says:

    This is one of my favorite drives! I am so excited you liked it! ahhh I want to do that drive again…

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