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After waking up today and preparing my lesson for gospel doctrine, Bree and I both got ready for church, brainstorming ideas for our next big adventure.  As we walked out the door, Bree took one look at me and with a big eye roll gave me a “not again”.  Ever since we got married, we can’t help but match.  We are always finding ourselves in the same color of shirt and pants, or walking out the door looking stunningly…identical (yes, we are THOSE people).

Regardless, we took some time after church to go try and find some good leaves to take pictures of and maybe a portrait or two, since we were dressed up and embarrassingly coordinated.

Our first stop was Mueller Park.  The leaves were still a bit premature, though we were excited to find out that our annual national parks pass waives the entrance fee.  We didn’t stick around long, though, as a storm was coming in and the sun setting.  Light was about to be in short supply.

Working our way north, we stopped at Sessions Canyon.  Bree was in lame shoes for hiking, so we parked at the bench at the top of the parking lot and snapped a few pictures.  These were exceptionally mediocre.

Feeling lucky, we made a final stop at Rocket Park as we made our way down the hill.  Most of the trees had yet to turn, however, I noticed a vine covered wall with strikingly green grass at the base.  It was small, but a perfect place for a fast family shoot.

We backed the car up toward the wall where we perched our camera, willing it not to tip off of the car in the wind since we’d forgotten a crucial piece of our tripod.  It obeyed, and we got some pictures we were pretty happy with given how ridiculous we  must have looked to the teenagers that were cruising in and out of the parking lot.

Finally, some proof that we occasionally wear something besides cycling shorts…



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    You guys look wunderbar!

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