Fall Foliage at Elephant Rock

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It had been a while since we visited the place where Ben proposed, so for our Friday date we headed up Mueller Park canyon to view the leaves and get some fresh air.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather.  I always love the time the hike gives us to walk and chat and check out the beautiful outdoors.

After a week of rain, everything was a little damp and quintessentially fall.

We did stop to scowl at the construction crew that has been tearing out a terrible hole in the mountainside.  Anyone know what they’re working on?

We arrived at the rock just in time for sunset, which was great until we realized we had a long way still to hike  with only dwindling daylight.  I’m not sure why it is so hard for us to remember a flashlight.  We made record time to the bottom at a full on run.  Apparently we are in better shape than we thought.  We were back to the car before the last of the sun disappeared.

Always nice to return to the place where this all began with my favorite person.


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  1. Colton/Miara says:

    Yeah. They are working on the natural gas pipelines that go across the canyon. By the way, we were up there on that day too. What time did you go up? You can see our nearly simultaneous elephant rock adventure on Miara’s Facebook. We aren’t awesome enough for a cool website like this. Yet…

  2. Colton/Miara says:

    Oh wait. I just read the rest of this. Yeah. We went in the morning.

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