Fish Food Hot Tub

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Once the day had cooled even a tiny bit, we headed back into town to wander the markets in Siem Reap. We had our eyes on a few things to take home to our families, so we got busy trying to shop. As it turns out, we are two of the world’s worst shoppers. Even when we find something we like at price well below what it would be worth at home, we’re almost always content to set it back on the shelf and keep walking. We easily passed away the entire evening after this fashion, only securing a couple of items as gifts.

Finally we realized that while shopping isn’t our thing, eating definitely is, so we headed over to McBuddha’s restaurant, were we had now eaten the bulk of our meals since we showed up in Siem Reap. We were warmly welcomed and quickly devoured our noodles and milkshakes before we headed back out for one last ridiculous adventure for the day.

The dead skin eating fish pedicures have been all over the news over the past few years as a new craze, but they were taking place everywhere in touristy little Siem Reap. Normally this is the kind of experience we’re willing to go without, but for $1 USD a person it seemed like a shame not to give it a try. We found one of the more sanitary looking communal foot baths (all relatively speaking of course), paid our dollar, and then spent another couple of minute perched on the side trying to build up the courage to submerge our feet. Finally, we considered all of the questionable meals we’d eaten in the last week and figured that in terms of hygiene this could be no worse so we bravely stuck our feet in.

It took a solid three or so minutes for us to stop giggling our heads off- apparently we’re both a little more ticklish than we’d anticipated. The cute Cambodian lady running the whole operation had a good laugh at our timidness, and soon set to guessing where we were from. She nailed it right away.

Soon, a clump of backpackers had joined in the fun, and despite the fact that they were from all over the western United States and Canada, everyone had been skiing in Utah. We laughed and chatted a while, all while having our feet munched on by little (and some actually not that little fish) and then decided it was time to call it a night.

I kind of expected the whole thing to be not much more than a touristy gimmick, but my feet actually felt smoother than they have in a very long time. Add a fish pedicure that to the growing list of ridiculous things we’ve done “just to say we did it.”


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