Flying Trapeze in Austin

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Ever since we tried the flying trapeze in Boston, we have been hooked.  It just happens that there is a rig in Austin, which about an hour or so from Megan and Brandon’s place, so when we decided to visit Texas it was high on our list of things we wanted to do.

Trapeze Austin did an incredible job.  Our lesson in Boston was somewhat slower paced, and the staff a little bit disconnected from the students.  Not so in Austin.  The staffing was awesome; they were personable and energetic, and even though the “trial by fire” structure of the courses is always a little bit intimidating at first, we learned a lot in such a short time.  I would definitely recommend Trapeze Austin.

Since we signed up for the class on such short notice (about 2 weeks in advance), there were only 3 spaces available.  Bree, Brandon, and I took the class while Megan opted to be the photographer.  It was kind of nice that we all got to work on something different.  Bree’s time was spent on the split catch, the planche was my emphasis, and since it was Brandon’s first lesson, he worked on the knee hook.


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