From Hawaii Pt. 3

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Well it is not really day three, but the third post of our totally awesome Hawaii trip, and boy was today a good one. To preface, it must be said that Waikiki is a pain in the butt. Traffic, big city, one way roads…it just sucks. With that being said we missed our boat tour to snorkel with the turtles. So we finally found the office – a man with a clipboard under an umbrella on the beach – and he rescheduled us for today. It was totally worth it – because today was sunny, warm, and totally awesome. We cruised out to the edge of the reef where we first saw a pod of what they claimed to be roughly 200 dolphins. Pretty lucky seeing how they did not see a single one yesterday. We were close enough that we could have petted them had we wished. After we cruised around with them for a while, we went snorkeling in Turtle Canyon – where we swam through schools of fish and a bunch of sea turtles. Seeing how our underwater cameras are not yet developed, I cannot yet post any pictures of that.





Finally, we kayaked out to one of the Mokulua islands off of the east side. It was an awesome route, though we kept running into reefs and had to keep circumnavigating so as to not destroy them. As we neared the island, the waves were breaking around and into each other – creating cross currents that our kayak did not survive. We totally capsized and were stuck on the island until we figured a way off of it…


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