From Hawaii Pt. 4

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Another day in paradise…well actually it was a freaking frigid paradise. We woke up at 5:15 and drove to Hanauma Bay – arriving just before sunrise. I guess they didn’t care who comes or goes that early, since they let us in for free. Free parking, free entrance – and we didn’t even have to watch the movie. Awesome. At least the beaches weren’t crowded with a ton of people. In fact, we were pretty much the second people in the water. It was freezing, and I was a total wuss about it, but we made it. It was pretty incredible – big old fish everywhere along with eels and the like. The eel was huge and it was kind of intimidating. Bree and I didn’t get too close to him. We also stopped by the Byodo-In Buddhist temple which was pretty awesome. The carp at said temple, however, were the biggest, fattest carp I have ever seen. Freaking nasty.







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  1. Annette says:

    Wow what a cool trip! Thanks for letting us see how much fun you’re are having. What great pictures too! You and Bree are very adventurous! Have fun!

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