Green Canyon

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We just so happened to be in Logan tonight.  Since we had two or three hours to kill, we brought our skis to give Green Canyon a try.  Green Canyon is located just north of the Utah State campus, and is one of the few groomed trails accessible immediately from Logan.

The canyon had just received several inches of snow, so conditions were not good for either driving or skiing.  We actually had to push the car once or twice in order to make it up to the snow-covered parking lot at the entrance to the trail.  There was only one other car there when we arrived – I suspect due to the inclement weather.

The canyon has a fairly consistent grade that is quite difficult to skate up in 6 inches of fresh powder.  Bree and I muscled our way through it, though.  I would not say that the lower half of the canyon is altogether beautiful, though it was great to be outside in the fresh air.  In all honesty, though, it is much prettier in the winter than in the summer.  After a mile and a half or so, though, the canyon gains enough elevation and narrows enough that we finally encountered evergreen forest.  At this point the canyon is actually quite beautiful, though the elevation also meant more powder (this is bad).  I suppose we caught the trail before the groomers had a chance to smooth it out.  Oh well, though.  We got a better workout because of it.

All in all, it was a pleasant trail to ski.  We will definitely do it again if we are in the area.


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