Hidden Canyon

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Since Bree hadn’t ever seen a lot of the main attractions at Zion National Park, our shuttle ride down the canyon included a stop at Weeping Rock.  Weeping Rock has a notoriously short walk to the rock ledge which drips a continuous flow of water from the rock.

The rock is fine for a visit, but is somewhat underwhelming when compared to the rest of what Zion has to offer.  We walked up, tried to capture a photo that didn’t look the same as every photo we’ve ever seen, and headed back down.  By this point in the day, it was actually starting to get really warm out, which was a bit annoying based on how freezing we’ve been only an hour ago in the Narrows.

Bree:  From the bottom, we debated the rest of our day and decided to pursue the hike to Hidden Canyon from the same trailhead.  Kim was a bit unconvinced about our selection based on the sheer height of the trail that we could see (she’s a bit afraid of heights) but we decided to give it a try.  The switchbacks were shaded and not terribly steep and we kept a leisurely pace, often stopping to take some photos and let everyone catch up.

Towards the top, the path gets slightly narrow, and chains ran the length of the cliff walls as a safety guide.  Kim had been pretty brave up until that point, but the chained sections were a little more than she bargained for I think.  Still, she pressed on, and pretty soon we were meandering up Hidden Canyon.

The canyon itself was dimly lit in the late afternoon light, and actually pretty cold.  We enjoyed the colorful trees against the mossy walls and admired the ferns and other greenery you would never expect to see in the middle of our red rock desert.

About the time we were ready to turn back, we came to a natural arch feature, which of course Ben wanted to climb.

Eventually though, hunger was getting the best of me, and I was ready for some dinner.  We turned around and headed back down to the shuttle stop and headed to get camp set up before our last excursion of the day.




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