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Bree and I have been hammering out our summer plans for some time now.  Where are we going?  Well we aren’t entirely sure, though we do know that it will involve flying into Milan, Italy in mid April.  We will be bicycle touring around Europe for 3 months (through mid July), coming home just in time to finish the cycling season.

This will likely be our trusty steed.  Because of how logistically painful and expensive it will be to get these bikes overseas 

, we may upgrade the frameset to the Surly Long Haul Trucker Deluxe.  The LHT is sweet – it has couplers so that you can the frame apart and pack it into a regular suitcase.  As you can see, she is only half loaded as the front racks are not installed.  All in all, we will be lugging these 80 pound behemoths through somewhere around 2700 miles of European countryside.

We are stoked to actually be able to take 3 months to go.  Both of our employers have given us their blessing and we will be picking up where we left off upon returning.  That does not say that they don’t think we are absolutely crazy, though.  At this rate, I’m beginning to wonder myself 🙂

So why, then, are we going?  Well first off, it’s now or never.  The more people we talk to reaffirm this fact.  Nobody will be running off to Europe once we have kids.  Beyond that, though, we are excited to see a little bit about how other people live.  It will be a good chance to take a step back and reconsider what is important to us and what sorts of values we wish to embrace in our coming years.  In a sense, I suppose trip will come down to fresh starts and an expanded vision for what actually matters in life.

As you can imagine, the logistics of such an adventure are virtually incomprehensible.  With that in mind, we are taking more or less a “wing it” approach.  So if any of you out there have any suggestions for locations or any tips in general, please let us know.


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  1. Hi Guys,
    We’re cycling in Europe around the same period as you and we’ve found the Eurovelo routes really useful for cycling ideas. There’s a really well set up site for the Eurovelo 6 route which is worth checking out. We plan to follow it for part of the way when we hit Europe in the next month or so.
    Don’t know whether you’re including Britain in your trip but the Sustrans website is great for planning UK trips.

    All the best with your planning


    • Breeanne says:


      Wow, thanks for the tips. Its great to hear from other cycle tourists. Send us a note when you hit Europe, perhaps if we cross paths we could meet up!

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