Hurricane Ridge

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After catching a ferry back to Anacortes from the San Juan Islands, we decided that the next phase of our trip would be the exploration of the Olympic Peninsula.  Known for it’s beautiful mountains and rainforest, we set out in pursuit of yet another ferry which would drop us off in Port Townsend, Washington.

My parents arrived at the ferry first.  We received a phone call when we were about 11 minutes out telling us to hurry and that the ferry left in roughly 9 minutes.  Punching the gas, we sped through the small towns and farmland to the terminal which was located in a surprisingly rural area.  Another call said that we really needed to hurry, and one illegal u-turn later and nearly doubling the measly 25 mph speed limit, we made it on with no time to spare.  The ticket attendant was very kind and pretty much held the boat for us – it is always (yet never) surprising to see how many people will go out of their way to help you when the need arises.

The following day, Bree and I woke up early for a hike along Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park.  It was quite beautiful, and there were Olympic Marmots and black-tail deer aplenty.





The deer were not only plentiful, but practically domestic.  They had no qualms about walking within a few feet of people if they were in the way.







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