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A few months back we haphazardly purchased a Groupon for the iFly, FlowRider, and iRock in Ogden along with Colton and Miara.  We assumed we’d be able to milk three dates out of it.  Extra points since Ben’s parents gave him money to do the iFly clear back when he graduated.  This was the perfect time to cash in.  We’d planned to do just one of the activities a few weeks ago until five minutes before we planned to leave when Colton informed us the fine print mandated that we do all the activities in one day.  Hence the idea was born that we spend pretty much the entire day having an indoor adventure.

First up…iFly…

For those who don’t know, iFly is an indoor skydiving facility that allows you to experience flight without jumping out of a plane.  Since Ben and I have been skydiving in Ogden for real, I guess you could say we had fairly low expectations on how exciting iFly would be.  Turns out, flying in a wind tunnel is actually pretty tricky and really awesome.  I totally want to go back and learn some cool tricks.

The instructor stands in there to help and make sure you don’t kill yourself.  I assume when people ask what he does for a living he tells them that he is a human wrangler.  It was pretty funny to watch him try to catch everyone in midair and manipulate them to do what he wanted.



We each got a couple of turns, which was good, because as it turns out, flying in a tunnel requires a fair bit more skill than falling out of the sky with a guy hooked to your back doing all the work.

Once we were done, we pretty much ran downstairs to our appointment at the FlowRider.  Colton had been indoor surfing before and Ben apparently had a pretty good knack for it as well.  Still, before we were hardly five minutes in, Ben had tipped over and bent his thumb the wrong way.  (One week and one doctors appointment later, he’s now been put in a thumb immobilizer for the next 4-6 weeks for a fracture.  Did I mention we leave the country in 23 days?)  Still, he finished out our hour and got lots of good runs in.  I didn’t have much of a knack for it and spent most of my time getting forcefully swept away by the artificial wave.  I may have to go back for another few hours of practice.


Once we were finished, we headed over to Costa Vida for some well deserved lunch.  We sat there a long time after we were done attempting to summon some energy for the final event.

And finally, iRock (otherwise known as a climbing gym…)

By the time we got to the rock climbing gym, we were pretty tired from our busy morning.  My neck was so sore from fighting whiplash every time I crashed while surfing that I could barely look up to the top of the rocks.  We were determined however, that we were not going to let the rest of our Groupon go to waste, so we geared up to climb.  Amazingly enough, we lasted a pretty long time, trying new routes and bouldering for almost two hours.  We finally had to call it quits when we could no longer hang onto the rocks for more than 5 seconds at a time without having to let go for a rest.

Once we were done, we headed home and everyone pitched in to make dinner.  And…if you must know, it took me four days for the soreness to wear off.



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