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Sometime late last night, we decided that the neighboring island of Skopelos was on our agenda, so we packed up our gear in preparation for a ferry departing today at an unknown time. The way things worked out required us to scramble a little bit if we wanted to cram in another swim, but the effort was well worth it.

The early swim time yielded us quiet beaches, still water, and not-quite-warm-enough sunshine, requiring a mighty bit of willpower to dive in and start moving. Once we got going though, the water was no colder than it ever is, and the swim was perfect. I don’t know how we’ll ever go back to swimming in a lap pool after spending our time taking long laps parallel with the beach every day.

Skopelos_05.28-003 Skopelos_05.28-007

A bit rushed, we headed back to the apartment and loaded up our bikes and rode them onto the big car ferry with even less fanfare than last time. We found a seat at the top of the boat and watched the world go by.

Skopelos_05.28-009 Skopelos_05.28-010


Once we’d settled in on the new island just a short jaunt away from town, we headed into the port town to see what there was to see. Although from the waterfont there wasn’t much to look at, a short walk up into the neighborhoods shared with us view after view of the town which remains largely unchanged over time.

Skopelos_05.28-020   Skopelos_05.28-030




We marvelled at all the darling doors, shutters, windows, and potted plants and dozens of tiny churches tucked between residences.

Skopelos_05.28-019 Skopelos_05.28-027 Skopelos_05.28-029



If you were hoping this blog might ease up on the cat pictures, you can go ahead and click away now- we might eventually get back to adventuring, but right now, our agenda seems more overrun by petting stray animals than anything else.

Skopelos_05.28-032 Skopelos_05.28-034 Skopelos_05.28-038

At one point during our walk, a particularly talkative kitty approached us, rubbing up against Ben’s legs begging for attention. Of course, we stopped to scratch his chin and he meowed loudly in appreciation. All his chattering alerted the old woman that owned him and she came outside proudly telling us all about her cat, although we were no match for her rapid Greek. Once we’d properly bonded over the kitty, we carried on, trying not to look to strange as we photographed the minute details of life in Hora.

Skopelos_05.28-022  Skopelos_05.28-059

Skopelos_05.28-056 Skopelos_05.28-039


Shortly before 6 we headed back to our apartment so that I could attend a meeting for work.  By the time the meeting ended we heard the music from a nearby festival picking up and decided to go into town for the evening.


Skopelos_05.28-035    Skopelos_05.28-045

In town, we decided to grab a quick dinner before heading back to the festival.  It turned into a much longer affair than we had expected (we are in Europe, after all), and after some amazing calamari, mousaka, and local plumb dessert we headed back toward the festival.  A very light rain seemed to have rained the festival out, but since it continues into tomorrow we’ll have to try again tomorrow evening.

Skopelos_05.28-060 Skopelos_05.28-061 Skopelos_05.28-062 Skopelos_05.28-063


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  1. Debbie says:

    The calamari looks delicious! What is mousaka?

    • Breeanne says:

      Kind of like shepherd’s pie but with eggplant? We ordered it without having any idea what we were getting…

  2. Kirk says:

    Just as I have become addicted to your adventures in the past, I have once again found myself checking for new post before meetings, after meetings, before I go to bed, after I wake up, when I get home from work etc etc.

    Once I get my fix for the day I can settle into some new thoughts of what it must be like to be a modern day nomad. You guys give new definition to the word adventure.

    With all your spare time, send me some door and flower pictures. I’ll print and hang them in my art exhibit!

  3. Megan says:

    Looks like you are having a blast! I love all the fun colored doors, it reminds me of Dublin with a Southern European twist! Very fun! Miss you guys around these parts!!

    • Breeanne says:

      I didn’t know you had been to Dublin, that is totally one our someday list. I miss you and your sweet little one!

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