Japanese Tea Garden

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Our good friends Megan and Brandon were kind enough to let us escape the cold weather and hang out with them in San Antonio for a very long weekend.  We have sorely missed them since they moved over two years ago, and our visit was long overdue.

Brandon took the day off on Friday, so we hit the town to see the highlights of San Antonio.  The first thing we stopped at was the Japanese Tea Garden.  The garden is an old quarry which was used to produce portland cement.  It was converted into a Japanese-style garden, and is actually quite beautiful.  It has a lot of interesting structures, ponds, and is surprisingly green.  We expected San Antonio to be very dry, as they have been in a severe drought the past couple of years.  Arriving, we were totally surprised by how much foliage there was.





An interesting point to note: During World War 2, the garden was renamed from the “Japanese Tea Garden” to the “Chinese Tea Garden”.  During this time, the entrance was constructed in cement, effectively immortalizing the now-incorrect name.






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