Kanarra Canyon

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This weekend we visited Kanarra Canyon, near Cedar City, Utah.  I would never have expected that canyon to be there – or any slot for that matter.  It was great though.  Relatively untechnical, though absolutely awesome water features.  It has waterfalls, sliding rocks, and fairly narrow slots.  Absolutely incredible.




The hike begins by parking in the big dirt parking lot adjacent the access road.  There were quite a few people the day we went – everything from families with children in backpacks to college students to elderly couples.  The hike in is relatively unexciting, and for about the first mile there is not a whole lot to see.

The entirety of the hike is once the slot is entered is a stream walk.  There are a few points at which a log with boards set up as a ladder must be climbed to get over the waterfalls.  I was surprised to see that even children were not having a hard time with the slightly more technical spots.  The upper waterfall is a bit trickier, but given that ropes have been put into place we had no real issues.

The only problem with these obstacles is that if it is busy, you will have to wait for the young and uncoordinated.  This is my biggest gripe about this hike – it is really busy.



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