Leaf Peepers

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Bree and I are spending Fall Break leaf peeping in Boston this week.  We came with the intention of spending most of our time on bicycles.  In the name of cost-effectiveness, our bikes are… well… awesome?  Anyway, here are a few pictures of the trip so far.  Almost all of these were taken from the Greenfield area (save the one at the coast), which is not far from the New York and Vermont state line.

Bree with the Purple Uni and me with my Red Rocket.  In front of a kitchen supply barn.  They unfortunately do not have bathrooms there.  Needless to say, our road bikes are sorely missed.

On what is probably the single best road-ride on the freaking planet.

The burning bush

A sweet barn


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  1. Annie Clark says:

    Beautiful…I’m glad you guys are having fun and can relax a little.

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