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While the world has been raving, obsessing, and speculating about Disneys’ latest hit, “Let it Go” from Frozen (which I admittedly haven’t actually seen), what’s been on my mind is the classic e.e. cummings version.

let it go – the
smashed word broken
open vow or
the oath cracked length
wise – let it go it
was sworn to

let them go – the
truthful liars and
the false fair friends
and the boths and
neithers – you must let them go they
were born
to go

let all go – the
big small middling
tall bigger really
the biggest and all
things – let all go

so comes love


This is what’s been on my mind lately as we’ve been leaping life’s hurdles at a fast and annoyingly regular pace. This year, between the large bundle of people that Ben and I are related to, we’ve prayed through open heart surgery, held our breath through more than one cancer diagnosis, beamed through three sibling weddings and this week, we somberly buried Ben’s beautiful grandma.


As we gathered at the church in her honor, I cried some tears of loss, but more than that, I wept, shaken and anchored by the strength of the people I married into. Embarrassingly, this was not how I felt during my first few years of marriage. At first, I felt smothered by the closeness and the openness of my new family because though I’d shown up prepared to be part of a new family using all the skills that had enabled me to participate with my family of origin, I ultimately was carrying the wrong toolbag for a new situation.

funeral-058 funeral-094

Given my characteristically ungraceful approach, it obviously wasn’t long before I felt like everyone was out get me which explains volumes more about me than it does about them. While my in-laws worked to get through to me, I was busy shutting them out. Over they years they waited me out and then, given the loveliness of the scenery beyond, I myself eventually waltzed across enemy lines, realizing I was the only one that showed up armed in the first place.

funeral-028 funeral-037

As we walked into that chapel filled with so many of Ben’s family (many not actually related to Marie in any way, but instead attending in steadfast solidarity) my stomach flipped over- the way it does when that budding crush spins into full on love. Though I’m not like them, and though I’ll be here forever feebly mimicking the incredible belonging I’ve been offered, I can’t stop thinking about how head over heels crazy I am about these people.

funeral-064 funeral-084

The celebration of Marie’s life was a sharp reminder that life is short and unpredictable and that all we’ve got is right now and each other. I can’t fathom why it didn’t occur to me right from the beginning to let it go, all those fair false friends: suspicion and mistrust, the “tall bigger really’s” of thinking I knew everything. If only I hadn’t held on so long trying to keep my distance, I might have had more of those moments like the one in the chapel and the hours later that evening crowded in the living room with photo albums and memories. These days full of hugs and tears and some incredible laughs might have been mine years ago, but that regret too must be let go.

So comes love.


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    What a beautiful post Bree! We love having you in our family! 🙂

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