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Our flights into Costa Rica were without event, and in fact, so mostly empty that we had space to stretch out as we traveled. The Hertz guy was waiting to pick us up as planned, and after a pretty good hour of trying to provide proof of our CDW coverage with our credit card, we were handed the keys to our Daihatsu 4×4 and headed toward town.

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The hostel room that we’d reserved was spartan but seemed to have had every square inch scrubbed with a toothbrush. I kept expecting to be invaded by big bugs or mice, or both, but nothing ever materialized. We settled in, make some travel plans, and then headed for bed.

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Except one problem: I was way too sick to sleep. I sent Ben to bed and sat outside under the stars in the surprisingly lush garden browsing the web, simultaneously shivering and sweating and wondering how I was going to survive ten days feeling so crummy. Finally, at nearly 2:00 AM, my medicine started working and I crawled in bed and slowly drifted off, where I got a solid three hours of sleep before the early dawn prodded me awake.

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