Little Wild Horse Canyon Hike

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We spent the morning hiking a popular slot near Goblin Valley – Little Wild Horse Canyon.  It is a great little canyon as long as you get there before the crowds (of which on a UEA weekend there are many).

The approach into the canyon is relatively short – just over 1/2 of a mile.  The canyon then splits – to the left is Bell Canyon, and the right is Little Wildhorse.  We were glad that we chose Little Wildhorse – it has easy access, and has some of the narrowest slots that we have seen.

The narrowest portion of the canyon is a definite no passing zone.  As we tried to wait for a quiet spot without any passers by we actually had to stem up the walls to let them through.

The rock here is much lighter in color than other slots that we have done in Southern Utah.  That is to be expected, though, given the fact that the slot is in the San Rafael swell.

All in all – the Little Wildhorse/Bell Canyon loop is an 8 mile hike.  It is easy going, though, with only a few obstacles to climb up and around.  There were quite a few families with small children and even dogs that were able to successfully complete the hike.


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