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This year was round 2 for Lotoja.  That means we had a plan – and no surprises.  Of course life doesn’t always work out as you plan.

We began our ride at 5:50 AM.  That means we had to wake up in the 4:00 hour – an hour that does not deserve to exist.  It was complete dark as we shoved some food down and got on the road.  Bree’s aunt Susan and uncle Bob are kind enough to let us stay at their house for what seems like every weekend in September between all of our rides.

Kirk and I had our plan and stuck to it.  We made it to Preston without freezing too badly (the low recorded on my computer was 32*), and were making great progress through Strawberry Summit.  By the time we reached Montpelier, though, I was forced to ride solo due to an injured knee.  It was totally disheartening.  We had planned all year the strategy and trained for it.  Had there been room, I probably would have gotten in the car as well.

So I was on my own.  Again.  Just like last year.  At least this year I felt good – so I put Wilbur (my bike) into gear and stepped on it.  I rode with various groups up through Alpine, after which I caught up to Owen.  We rode the rest of the ride together, crossing within a few seconds of each other.

This year was a completely different experience from last year.  No wrecks, not really any pain, and I felt great after the ride.  I suppose that is expected, though.  I knew what I was getting myself into this year, and had trained for it.  206 miles went by pretty fast – in fact at an average of 19.4 miles per hour.  Go figure.

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