Maiden Voyage

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We got the boat out to Pineview Reservoir early Saturday morning for the first time this summer. It was a blast. Some highlights:

We got the tube out for the first time in years. It’s a bit…smaller than I remembered, and it’s a tough squeeze to get two adults on there. My whole body hurt for two days afterward.

Colton managed to jump the entire wake on his ski for the first time. Truth be told, I’m pretty impressed.

Trent took a massive crash off the tube. He was still sputtering water when he climbed into the boat muttering “I think I swallowed a guppy.” Made us laugh…

Our fearless driver…

Skiing on glass…

Ben, testing out two skis.

Colton on one ski

Riding in the boat

Squished on the tube….

Trent on the tube.

Siblings. Check out that awesome hairdo…

And the best part…raspberry milkshakes.


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  1. Francisco RUiz says:

    I really like the candid photo of your dad. It’s just seems natural and unscripted, and he just seems really relaxed! I’d call it “The Skipper” or something. Nice shot!

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