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If our first bike tour taught us anything, it was that worrying too much about making plans was taking more mental energy than it was saving. This time, we might be in for a different sort of problem. We haven’t made really any plans at all!

So far, we are planning to fly into Athens and spend some time checking out the sites before we catch a ferry to an undecided Greek island. We’ll swim and tour and stay there as long as it suits us. At some point, we’ll hop on the bikes to head north toward Helsinki which is where our flight home departs from. Ben wants to see the Carpathian mountains and we’re excited to visit Scandinavia. That’s honestly as much as we presently know. The details are obviously pretty sketchy, but we’ll figure it out in good time.

We’re still sorting out how we will power our devices and stay connected, enabling Ben and I to continue working and freelancing from the road. Luckily, we still have most of our gear from our last tour, so this week, I’ll be neurotically making sure everything is in good working order.

If I’m really honest, we also haven’t really trained for the rigors of riding loaded bikes, at least not in a really traditional way. We took on a new exercise regimen late last year that has really changed the way we train and we’re hoping it will carry us wherever we might decide to go. Almost every day, we’ve been going to GPP Fitness to pound out a brutal thirty minute workout.

Despite the fact that I’ve had to adapt nearly every workout to accommodate my hip injury, after four months I suddenly found that I don’t have single pair of pants that isn’t way too big. My strength and endurance are as good as they’ve ever been. GPP has played a huge role in helping me stay mentally in the game while I floundered with my injury this year, and I’m thrilled that I’ve been able to maintain my fitness even while attempting to let my hip rest. Ben and I can’t believe the changes we’ve seen in ourselves and we will miss our new fitness community while we are gone!

We trust we’re in shape enough to pilot our heavy bikes, but if not, we will simply pedal ourselves into shape along the way.

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