Melted in Brasov

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We laughed together this morning, knowing that with the wind whipping through our tent all night, neither of us slept a bit. Camping is my favorite, but windy weather is sure awful. We packed up, waved off all our new friends in the campers, and set out for a super short ride to Brasov.

Though the wind that kept us awake all night had stormed in the direction we were going, it had settled down nicely just in time for us to set out, depriving us of the hyperspeeds I had imagined all night long. Instead, we settled on a decent clip through the valley, gazing up at the Rasnov fortress (no picture) and then into Brasov’s busy outskirts.

Thankfully, Brasov’s suburbs quickly dissolved into quaint streets and we settled into a guesthouse by 10:30. Then, we headed out to find food.

Brasov_06.20-068-2 Brasov_06.20-012

We also needed to replace Ben’s cheap sunglasses that I stepped on yesterday (he finished the job by somehow wrenching off one of the temples) and hopefully find someone to cut his hair. In the two hot hours we were gone, we found some sandwiches for lunch and obtained a new pair of sunglasses. The groceries and the haircut were a bust. Sometimes the amount of work it takes us just to obtain a half day worth of food or run other basic errands is enormous and with the heat as it currently is (so, so, hot!) we’re constantly on the lookout for markets where we can pick up fresh items. The stuff in our bags can easily become melted or soggy in just a couple of hours.

Brasov_06.20-040 Brasov_06.20-071

Ben –

After hiding out from the sun and cranking out some work for a few hours, we set off to explore the city in softer light and cooler temperatures. Beside, we still had groceries to find and hair to cut.

We made it into the old town of Brasov when the thunderstorms began rolling in. Loud cracks of lightning and darkening skies are my favorite, so I relished in the weather as we meandered aimlessly through the old town.

Brasov_06.20-005  Brasov_06.20-017 Brasov_06.20-056

Brasov_06.20-069-2 Brasov_06.20-060 

This town is actually really quite nice – it is pretty shiny compared to some of the other cities we have seen thus far, and it has a lot of color. We found our way to the black church, the black tower (which is white?), past live music and a handball tournament in the square, and even some gliders on display. This city has a lot going on!

Brasov_06.20-078 Brasov_06.20-053

Brasov_06.20-047 Brasov_06.20-048

As we walked and got groceries (still no barber to be found), we have been discussing what are plans are from here. Our originally plan was to head north through Hungary, Slovakia, and the Baltic states en route to Scandinavia. As we go to battle with the heat each day on our ride and the work required to sustain ourselves, though, we can’t stop but ask ourselves why we are out here, traveling the way we do. We aren’t setting any records for miles, or countries visited and have seen our share of old churches and medieval cities. What we’re really after is beautiful nature, which just might lead us north faster than we thought.



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