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In spite of the fact that the temperatures are still high and the days long, reality is beginning to slap us in the face as we look at the calendar and see that our longest summer ever is nearly over.  Kids are going back to school soon (including Breeanne and myself), and the year’s best cycling weather is fast approaching.  In order to milk our last few weekends of true summer, though, we decided to go water skiing one last time for the season.

After much last minute debate, we decided to head up to Pineview.  Nobody in our party had been there for a few years, and I had totally forgotten how pretty the surrounding mountains are.  We have in recent years opted for quieter lakes such as Bear Lake or Echo Reservoir. After enjoying the beautiful views for the morning, we I can now see why the crowds exist at Pineview, though.

We arrived at the lake fairly early and had a lot of time on fairly still water.  Miara took another run at learning to slalom ski (we’re all convinced that with one more trip she’ll have it down!), and we all took turns cranking turns on the Matheson’s new ski.

It didn’t take very long before the crowds – and moronic boat drivers – showed up.  By noon there were so many boats that we retreated to a small section of the lake between two sets of buoys, forcing Kirk to pull tight turns in a space that I didn’t know could be skied.

The crowds became absolutely oppressive and our out-of-shape selves were totally beat, so we called it a day in the early afternoon.  On the way back, we tried our hand at double’s water skiing.  We were determined to hold hands while we skied which might have been less of a feat if our ski ropes had been the same length.  Instead, my rope was 4 feet longer than Bree’s, leaving us to do a lot of stretching and grasping as we tried to link arms.  It took us a few tries, but we finally got it!


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