Night Ride to Snug Harbor

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After rainy, cloudy Seattle we were surprised to see blue skies open up as we headed north.  The trees became thicker and taller alongside the road, and the whole world seemed cheerier.  The nice weather didn’t make up for the fact that we were running late, though.  We raced down the interstate and through Anacortes to the terminal in an attempt to make the 4:30 ferry to Friday Harbor.  My parents had to stop for gas though, and our bikes were not assembled so when we pulled into the parking lot a 4:13 we knew we had no chance.

With that ferry missed, our next option was shortly after eight.  This was somewhat problematic as we were planning on riding our bicycles from Friday Harbor to our campground on the opposite side of the island – but what harm could a little night riding do?  Regardless, we found an old oil containment box at the far end of the parking lot to hide behind and cook our dinner.

We enjoyed the cold ride out through Juan De Fuca straight, weaving in and out of pine-clad islands with steep, sometimes rocky banks.  The entire ride was beautiful, and we made it just in time for sunset.  Arriving just after dark, Bree, Emily, Caroline and I donned as many layers as we had available and headed down to untie our bicycles and prepare for an 8 mile ride through the dark.

Upon meeting up and tacking my dad onto the night crew, we set off into the night.  After a little help from the local sheriff, we oriented ourselves and began the dark, quiet journey through the hills of San Juan Island.




































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