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The hot sun once again propelled me out of the tent early, even though we had nowhere to go. Having finally landed at a small campground with plenty of shade, fast internet, and a lovely setting, we’re ready to stay put for a day to work and rest and enjoy nature the Swedish way: from the water.

We used up the morning completing the essentials, we worked, washed our clothes, and planned a route free from the E18 and I took a nap in the shade on the shore of the lake. Then, when we were finally ready for a break, we rented a canoe from the campground for an afternoon adventure. We piled into the wobbly boat, Ben teasing me about my unease. Then, we got to paddling across the glassy water.

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I grew up recreating with my family on our ski boat, so spending the day lakeside feels like home to me. We paddled around until we spotted a bird diving into the lake from great heights over and over. I never saw him catch anything, so we’re not all that sure what he was doing, but it was fascinating. Then, we rowed over to the other side of the lake, checking out the darling lakefront properties with their boats tied to their own docks.

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By then, it was time to head back to camp, so we returned the canoe and ambled down the beach to take a chilly dip before it was time for Ben’s meeting.


Later, we attempted to make one of our staple meals from a goulash packet which turned out to be sort of flavorless, so we added a big packet of curry. Having made a truly international dinner, we took the whole mess outside and ate overlooking the lake in the dimming light.

Though Norway’s mountains and fjords stunned us, we find ourselves feeling very at home here in Sweden. Everything from progressive policy to the lovely forests and the outdoor loving locals resonates with us. Maybe we wouldn’t be so thrilled with freezing temperatures and days of darkness in the winter, but summertime Sweden is hard to beat.

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