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Since we have been gone, my little brother, Colton, and his girlfriend Miara have taken on the task of tending to our garden.  When we initially planned our trip, one of the things I was the most sad about was that we wouldn’t be home to get the garden going and I am so thrilled that they have taken on our plot as a summer project.

We are told that the weather at home has been pretty questionable and they have been outside covering the plants every single night to protect them from the cold.  We lost almost all of our tomato plants to frost last year, but they have been way more dedicated than we were to keeping them warm!

Somehow in all of their hard work they spotted a robin’s nest in my favorite weeping cherry tree.  It has little blue eggs in it!

Their pictures have kept me from being too homesick (May is my very favorite month in Utah and my tree is so pretty) and I am so appreciative of all their hard work.  We hope this means we will see you guys a whole bunch when we get home! We love you both!


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  1. Kim says:

    I’ll have to check out the nest the next time Carline goes over to mow. Do you remember when we had the nest in our Mulberry tree off the patio? It was so much fun to watch the process from eggs to hatched birds.

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