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After a day spent visiting the wreckage of a giant ship, the fact that we were heading over to board our own enormous boat was a bit concerning. Our ferry to Estonia was essentially a cruise ship, designed to take us across the Baltic Sea overnight.

Though many passengers travel in luxury on these boats, with beautiful big cabins and expensive buffet options, we went the budget route. We opted to sleep in a cabins shared with three other same gendered strangers, which also meant that we didn’t get to stay together. Our rooms were across the hall from each other, so we dropped off our limited luggage in our rooms and headed upstairs to hang out on deck until bedtime. We skipped the buffet and dined on our own sandwich supplies which we’d brought with us. I’m not that keen on cruises in the first place, but at least this was easier than taking a train with bikes!

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We spent the evening watching the archipelago of Sweden drift by under the dusty pink clouds. Then, once it was dark, we listened to the band play for way too long before we finally decided head downstairs and check out the shops on the boat.

08.03_Ferry-309 08.03_Ferry-313
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Ben: With plenty of time to kill, we gawked at the massive amounts of candy and liquor that the people were buying.  Since Scandinavia has such incredibly high taxes, all of the goods seemed to be a remarkably good deal (if you want a 3 pound Toblerone, that is).  We also spent an embarrassingly long time sampling nearly every perfume and cologne they had on board as well.

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Bree: After a few hours of window shopping we decided to call it a night. Since most of the cruise passengers were in party mode, consuming absurd amounts of tax free alcohol, we’d assumed we’d be among the first to bed in our respective rooms. Instead, when we went back downstairs, I found three other girls already asleep in my cabin.

A restless night ensued, and to my surprise, I was also the first person awake in my bunk. I snuck out as quietly as I could, Ben already up and looking for me. We shared some pastries before it was time to collect our bags and bikes and disembark in Tallinn!



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