Overnight in Vermillion Cliffs National Monument

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A half hour drive landed us in the free Stateline campground, which straddles the Utah Arizona border. We unrolled our tent and sleeping bags and were home for the already chilly night.

My impulse was to crawl straight in the tent, burrow into the blankets, and call it a night, but the stars had summoned their far away friends and the lights stretched out in every direction- too big to ignore. Its hard to believe in our modern world, this kind of heavenly wonder is so easy to find.

Kanab 2014-036-2

Without our tripod, we flopped the unstable gorilla pod in the sand and set up for an evening of star trails.  Kanab 2014-041

By the time we’d finished the chill had set in for real. Even beneath my sleeping bag and a couple of spare blankets I slept with my knees drawn up to my chin, trying to stay warm.


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