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Before we had even been in Verona for a full hour yesterday, and actually before I had ever laid eyes on our campsite, Ben had already suggested that we stay another day and check it out.  The very little bit of the city we had seen while dodging traffic yesterday was lovely and another day of Italian sightseeing seemed like a great idea for two weary travelers.

After breakfast and some time spent checking in with our email and blog comments, we headed into the city on foot, hoping to have a bit more luck with the stairs this way.  The day was overcast but warm and we had packed our rain jackets just in case.  We saw a sprinkling of rain as we strolled around, but the warm Italian air made it almost a non-issue.

The city itself was colorful and quaint and in most parts, not too crowded.  We walked past old churches and through old streets with a bit of a different flavor than we had seen in other regions of Italy.

By noontime, we had headed to the local museum of modern art which currently has Chagall on exhibit.  I always love these small, traveling exhibits, and Ben has been a fan of Chagall since he was introduced to his work in a song by the Weepies.  Like the Picasso exhibit, the museum was not too crowded and in a cool building and we very much enjoyed our time viewing the exhibits and making a list of our favorites.  Perhaps our walls will be getting an update when we get home!

From the museum, we walked down by the river to see Castelvecchio, a castle built in the 1300’s and then on toward the Roman arena which looked very similar to the Colosseum in Rome.  Near the Colosseum we figured out where all the tourists were hanging out which made for some really crowded streets.  Strangely enough, one block in either direction and we could have the streets all to ourselves.

Having spent quite a few hours roaming around the streets of Verona, we decided to grab some groceries for dinner and head back to camp to cook.  We walked to two stores which were closed up tight for no apparent reason, so we finally gave up and started back to camp instead.  Ben took his bike out in search of some groceries in a few other locations and visited four more stores and never actually found anything that was open.  Pretty strange for 5:00 PM on a Thursday.  We ended up  eating from our back up pasta tonight- so much for the easy, plentiful food in Italy!  Hopefully we will have some better luck tomorrow!


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  1. Tara says:

    Tyler and I love that song! It’s nice to hear that you guys are planning on slowing down to make cycle touring a little less like work and a little more like fun. 🙂

    • Ben says:

      We are glad to hear you like it! We seriously didn’t expect for anybody to know what we were talking about. Hope you guys are settled in back home.

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