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We woke to clear skies and cool temperatures – a perfect day for a hike in the High Tatras.  We ate breakfast at the hostel and set out. I intended to complete a 7 hour hike up the mountain to a saddle and down the other side where I would take the bus back.  Bree doesn’t consider a 7 hour hike a rest day, though.  She agreed to come hike along for an hour or two and then head back to the hostel.


The hike started along a river and the going was easy.  Things grow here, though, so trails can become quickly obscured and there seemed to be a lot of offshoot trails as the route veered up the steep mountainside.  A little unsure of where we were going, we ended up taking a few wrong turns – though one in particular led to some nice viewpoints.

7.04_Zdiar-007 7.04_Zdiar-006

7.04_Zdiar-004 7.04_Zdiar-009

After an hour and a half or so, Bree’s hip was starting to ache, so she decided it was best to turn back.  The going had been slow and I was beginning to question whether we should actually split up, though.  It was already fairly late and I still had a good 5 hours left, so I decided to bag it.  A little dejected from the outcome of the hike, I made my way back with Bree along the river back to the hostel.  We made really slow time on the way back, stopping at the river to skip rocks and dawdle like we do.

7.04_Zdiar-001 7.04_Zdiar-011

7.04_Zdiar-015 7.04_Zdiar-002

More work and route planning followed and then we set out for dinner, this time to a small restaurant down the street. Below, you can see our mixed salad, potato dumplings, and a pork dish with vegetables and seasoned with paprika. We will miss the inexpensive dining options in Eastern Europe.

7.04_Zdiar-019 7.04_Zdiar-021 7.04_Zdiar-022


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  1. Joey, the VERY best dog ever says:

    I’m glad you didn’t split up- it would have horrible to get lost on your own. As far as dining options, is it back to boiling pasta on your camp stove once you make it to the far north?

  2. Kim says:

    That last comment was from me, not Joey. He’s been on my iPad again and forgot to log off.

    • bnjmnmrtn says:

      Haha, thanks for making us laugh. Always exciting to get a message from the dog.

      The route finding was rough and I was glad we stuck together. Camp stove cuisine will be the only dining we do in Norway I’m afraid.

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