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After our very long day walking around the Vatican and strolling the streets of Rome, the night had pretty much gotten away from us before we had time to make any dinner.  Ben was still determined to eat good wood burning oven pizza and we’d seen the cool ovens at our campground restaurant, so we headed up for an easy dinner.

Ben ordered Basilica pizza with mozzarella and basil and I ordered a traditional Roman pasta spaghetti dish.  Then, we sat back and watched the pizza guy do his thing.  We really wanted some photos, but everyone else in the restaurant seemed unphased by the cooking process and we were kind of apprehensive to pull out our big SLR and start shooting pictures of the chef doing his job.  Still, we knew we would regret it if we didn’t, so camera in hand, we wandered over to look closer.

We watched for a minute and when the chef saw the camera, he invited Ben to come stand right in the cooking area for better photos! He smiled and put on a good spectacle as he cooked so that we could get the best photos possible.  So awesome!

We watched him top his dough, stick the on the paddle, and then poke them in next to the big fire so that they could get nice and brown. He pulled them out and gracefully slid them onto big piles of plates where the wait staff whisked them off to their various diners.

Soon after our photo session concluded, our own dinners arrived and were every bit as impressive as the process had been.  By the time the meal was over, I was nearly asleep at the table!


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  1. Kim says:

    Your blog is helping make menus for the week: Pizza, gnocci, and maybe even gelato. Your posts are reminding me of the “eat” part of “Eat, Pray, Love”. I’m inspired to try to break out of my “crockpot anything” or “Costco anything” rut. Bring on the fresh basil!

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